The Lettercutter watch is a collaboration between Naoya Hida & Co. and The Armoury, named after the craftsmen who specialized in carving letters into stone. Using Naoya Hida & Co.’s excellent Type 2 watch as a base, The Armoury created an entirely new font and carefully redesigned the dial and details to create the Lettercutter.


Lettercutters are skilled artisans who chisel intricate letterforms into stone. The Armoury created an entirely new font inspired by their work and the forms of Art Deco design. Just as these artisans did in stone, the master engraver at Naoya Hida & Co. engraves the numerals into the dial.

The Dial

In order to achieve the clarity and depth that is characteristic of hand engraving, the numerals are carved into a plate of extra-thick German Silver, a technique previously found only on vintage pocket watches. Looking closer, the dial's chapter rings are constructed and attached separately, each finished in a different fashion. The markings are hand filled with Japanese cashew ink, with its unique blue hue and lacquer-like finish.


The hands of Naoya Hida & Co. timepieces are unlike those of most other watches. They are not stamped but instead precision milled, allowing them to be distinctively thick and shapely. In the case of the Lettercutter, they are cylindrical; long, straight, and purposeful.

Case, Buckle and Strap

The Lettercutter features Naoya Hida's 3rd generation case design. Based upon case designs from the 1950s and 1960s, the case features thinner lugs and a screw-in caseback. The shape and aesthetics are practical and beautiful, with sculptural elements and water resistance. Milled from a single piece of 904L steel, the case is difficult to create due to its hardness, but highly resistant to corrosion.

The watch features a custom strap constructed from double-sided shrunken calf leather with a precision milled buckle and a quick release springbar for easy strap changes.


Housed inside the 37mm steel case is the Caliber 3020CS, running at 28,800 BPH with its 45-hour power reserve. The Cal. 3020CS is based upon the robust ETA 7750 chronograph movement, which has been reworked by Naoya Hida & Co. into a time-only movement with a center seconds hand and a newly designed and decorated top plate.

Style and Proportion

As one might expect from an Armoury collaboration, the watch is discreetly sophisticated. Its modest case size slides easily under any cuff and its silver and blue colouring is easy to pair with any outfit.

Specification and Availability




Stainless Steel

Dial Material

German Silver




USD 19,200

Viewing And Appointments

To see the Lettercutter in the metal please visit:

26th – 27th April 2023

The Armoury Tribeca
168 Duane Street
New York, United States

28th – 29th April 2023

The Armoury Upper East Side
13 East 69th Street
New York, United States

11th – 13th May 2023

The Armoury Pedder
307 Pedder Building
12 Pedder Street
Central, Hong Kong

How To Purchase

Over the last decade, collecting watches has gone from a quaint hobby into a high-stakes frenzy. Watches sell out almost immediately, leaving little time for people to consider their choices. Watches are bought speculatively, squeezing out true collectors. My hope is that The Armoury will not contribute to this current state of affairs but instead might offer an example of how things could be.

This will be the second time we have run an allocation lottery. We continue to believe that an allocation lottery is the best way to allow customers to buy a watch. We have a long window for receiving entries so people can consider their choices carefully. Lottery winners are selected at random from the the received entries. I hope that those who are not selected in the allocation lottery can at least take comfort in the fact that they had a fair chance at purchasing a piece they were interested in.

Lottery Closed!

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