The Armoury in collaboration with H Moser & Cie. has created the TOTAL ECLIPSE, a limited edition watch based on H Moser’s Endeavour Small Seconds and inspired by the celestial event of a Total Solar Eclipse.

Two Materials

The watch features a 38mm steel case, Vantablack® dial with inset indices, Breguet hands, seconds sub-dial and is available in two versions, one with steel accents and one with 5N red gold accents.


The watches’ unique dial draws on H Moser & Cie’s expertise with Vantablack®, a coating made of light-absorbing carbon nanotubes, applied on the dial of the watch. It is the darkest man-made substance in the world. The indices visible on the dial are holes in the Vantablack® layer that reveal the dial plate underneath.

The Breguet hands and seconds sub dial are our nod to classic watchmaking and are especially striking as they float over the void-like dial.

The Concept

During a total solar eclipse, the corona of the sun, i.e. its fiery halo, becomes visible to the human eye. In order to recreate this effect, we have added a polished inner bezel of either steel or 5N red gold. The steel inner bezel visually deepens the blackness of the dial while the 5N red gold bezel provides a bright shimmer that is especially reminiscent of the sun’s fire.

The Endeavour Small Seconds

The case of the watch is based on H Moser & Cie’s Endeavour series, with its distinctive scalloped sides and downturned lugs, resized at The Armoury’s request to an elegant 38mm diameter that pairs well with any formal or casual outfit.

Style and Proportion

The result of our collaboration is a fine, discreet watch made possible by H Moser’s outstanding watchmaking and The Armoury’s distinctive sense of style and proportion. It is a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Specification and Availability








HMC 327

Steel Edition

Reference 1327-1200, steel model, Vantablack® dial, black calf leather, limited edition of 28 pieces.

Red Gold Edition

Reference 1327-1201, steel and red gold model, Vantablack® dial, black calf leather, limited edition of 28 pieces.


Steel Edition

USD 25,900

Red Gold Edition

USD 25,900

Viewing And Appointments

To see the Total Eclipse in the metal from Jan 19th - 27th, please visit:

The Armoury Tribeca
168 Duane Street
New York, United States

The Armoury Landmark Central
B47 Landmark Central 15 Queen’s Road
Central Central, Hong Kong

How To Purchase

In order to serve interested parties fairly, The Armoury will be selling its stock of the Total Eclipse by lottery. To participate in the lottery, please visit our online store to place a refundable deposit for the version you are interested in and you will be entered into the lottery.

We believe that the purchase of a watch should be considered carefully and without excessive pressure. The window for purchasing a lottery ticket ends at 11:59pm US EST on the 26th of January. As long as you have paid your deposit through our online store, you are eligible for the lottery.

Winners of the lottery will be contacted on the 27th January, 2022 and the remaining balance will be due upon delivery. Entrants who did not win the lottery will have their deposits promptly refunded.

Sold Out!

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