The Armoury Model 16

Our new double-breasted Model 16 sport coat is inspired by jackets of the 1930’s. It's incredibly classic and wearable and features a lower, more horizontal lapel that sweeps out wide and straight.

A Sport Coat or a Suit

Those familiar with the single breasted Model 3 will instantly be comfortable with the unstructured shoulder and full canvas construction. It works equally well as a sport coat or suit.

 Its great versatility is why you’ll find it in a wide variety of fabrics for both in-store and online.

The Fit

One of the most distinctive features on any jacket is the shoulder. The Model 16 features an unpadded, natural shoulder line that sits close to the body.

The extended shoulder gives the appearance of a more powerful silhouette. This flattering effect is created by extending the canvas slightly into the sleeve head, giving the sleeve a slight ‘rollino’ sleeve. This is typical of many Florentine-style jackets, like those of Liverano & Liverano.

Full Canvas Construction

The canvas is the skeleton of the jacket, providing body and structure to the cloth. With a full floating canvas we achieve the deep roll of the lapel, full chest and even the extended shoulder mentioned above.

4 Button Front

The Model 16 is a 'four-on-two', meaning that, of the four visible buttons, only two are functional. An additional button called the jigger is sewn to the far side of the covered front section to give a neater, unwrinkled appearance.

Triple Patch Pockets

Patch pockets offer a sportier feel to any jacket, especially when also used on the chest.

The majority of our tailoring collection features edge or single machine stitching. For the Model 16, we used double machine stitching along the lapel and patch pockets. The extra stitching is a more casual detail that pairs well with casual bottoms such as our sport chinos or jeans.

A Clean Look

A one-piece back and a dartless front makes an overall seamless effect.

Our Design, Made by Ring Jacket

Our goal was to create a range of tailoring that would be ready for any occasion. Over the last decade, we’ve designed and refined the collection in partnership with Ring Jacket, a small Japanese manufacturer.

The Armoury Model 16 FAQ

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