Chinese New Years Hours

Pedder: February 7th - 9th, Closed | February 10th, 12PM - 6PM
Landmark: February 7th, 12PM - 5PM | February 8th - 9th, Closed | February 10th, 12PM - 6PM
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The Armoury’s private label shirts are a labor of love. Having tried out a slew of shirtmakers over the years, it took us some time to land on a maker that was able to create a shirt that fit both our aesthetic and construction needs. Our search ultimately lead us to a small factory in Naples that specializes in creating custom made shirts by hand.

Many would argue a shirt is a shirt. We would say that’s true. Except when it isn’t. So what is the difference between a $75 shirt and a $425 shirt? And are those differences substantial enough to justify the costs?

At a base level, this question requires an understanding of the fundamental components of a shirt and how they are assembled. Fit, details, and intangible elements also add value to the equation. So what do The Armoury private label shirts offer in this realm?