Koji Suzuki

Koji trained in Florence, Italy under Roberto Ugolini. His style emphasizes balance and proportion, sticking to the classic styles, while focusing on attention to detail with a very high quality make.

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Fri 4 Sat 5 November

Japanese Bespoke Footwear

Koji Suzuki, one of the finest shoemakers of his generation, trained under Roberto Ugolini in Florence before setting up his atelier in his native Kobe. He represents Japanese attention to detail married with classic Italian style, bringing together unusual materials with striking designs. Koji also specializes in unusual but very wearable leathers such as llama, shell cordovan, and lizard.

His greatest strength lies in his understanding of proportion, never allowing gimmickry to get in the way of a perfectly balanced design. Suzuki-san visits our store twice a year, offering bespoke and made-to-order shoes.

Koji Suzuki
OfferingMade-to-Order and Bespoke
Production Time

6 Months


Bespoke: Starting at $4200 USD (32,000 HKD)
Made-to-Order: Starting at $1900 USD (15,000 HKD)

LocationKobe, Japan

One day I might be making shoe patterns. Another day I will be polishing shoes, and then there are days where I get to choose what I do. That’s what I like most about my job – I get to pick what I do and still feel very involved in the process of making shoes.

Koji Suzuki
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Koji Suzuki
New York, Tribeca
Fri 4 Sat 5 November

Japanese Bespoke Shoes

Our bespoke options require a consultation with an artisan at a trunk show. Appointments for trunk shows are encouraged.View All Trunk Shows
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