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A Guide to The Armoury Shoe Collection

An introduction to the models in our range of English-made shoes. Designed in partnership with master shoemaker, Yohei Fukuda.

A Decade in the Making

Our vision for The Armoury was to become the byword for service, craftsmanship and soul in mens clothing. The Armoury shoes are the culmination of our experience with leading artisans, the bespoke process and traditional manufacturing methods.

The extensive variety of styles and materials provide a wealth of choice for any occasion. We hope that they will become the foundation of many wardrobes.

Learn more about the design and manufacturing process in The Making of The Armoury Shoes.

Nine Models, Options for Every Occasion
Hudson Tassel Loafer

We designed our tassel loafer to feature a low vamp. This allows a little more give in the instep of the loafer, leading to a more comfortable shoe.

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Broadway Plain-toe Loafer

The Broadway sits between a slipper and loafer design. This versatile shoe can serve a variety of purposes. When highly polished it can be worn as a tuxedo slipper, however we're as happy to see it worn more causally with grey trousers and a sport coat.

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Simon Single Monk

We've always been fans of a classic single monk, a perfect shoe to compliment sport coat and trouser separates. As a semi-casual shoe, we incorporated the split-toe design of our Jubilee derby and finished it with a warm toned buckle. The name is a tribute to our well dressed friend, Simon Crompton.

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Ryoma Chelsea Boot

We named the Ryoma after the man credited to have brought the western shoes, specifically boots, to Japan. Using our Jiro loafer last allows the boot better accommodates those with fallen arches and improves the shape of the boot around the ankle. It also helps mitigate creasing for a sleek profile.

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Duane Penny Loafer

With a low-slung silhouette and sweeping lines, we gave our shoe last a soft, almond toe while widening the ball of the foot to ensure comfort.

To finish it off, we do not stitch down the strap of the loafer to the vamp of the loafer. This allows a little more give in the instep of the loafer, leading to a more comfortable vamp. This makes the shoes immediately more comfortable and allows for less creasing, while keeping with a sleek profile.

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Jubilee Split-Toe Derby

The Jubilee is our first derby. We used a neater style of derby construction, with slightly wider welt than normal to give the shoe some additional heft at the bottom. This one took a while to get right, with numerous prototypes and iterations to make the balance work, but we're immensely proud of the end result. The model is named for Jubilee St. of the old Central Market, the first wet market for fresh foods in Hong Kong.

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Gloucester Wingtip Oxford

The Gloucester is our full brogued faux wing-tip. A less formal alternative to the Pedder, the Gloucester brings the same comfort of a one-piece vamp but adds additional details. This shoe is inspired by The Old Wan Chai Police Station on Gloucester Rd. on the Victoria harbourfront.

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Wyndham Semi-Brogue Captoe

The Wyndham is our semi-brogue faux captoe, which features the same one piece vamp as the Pedder and Gloucester. It is supremely comfortable with its oiled leather sole. Named for the Old Dairy Farm Depot at the top of Wyndham St., which now houses the Fringe club and the Foreign Correspondents' Club.

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Pedder Captoe Oxford

The Pedder is our most formal option, featuring a stitched faux captoe and swan neck detail. It is named for The Pedder Building in Central, Hong Kong, the first home of The Armoury.

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